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Whatever you call them, the SHAPE, the MOTION, the COLORS attract attention.

Feather Flags are attached to a straight, flexible pole. The motion of the flag will range from a flutter to a bold attempt to escape from, and bend, the pole. The wind directs the changes. These changes are the most compelling features of a feather flag. The feather flag truly flies and dances in the wind. The only drawback is that indoors, or in areas with very little wind, the feather flag can hang loosely at the pole and not open to show an imprinted message. In those cases, a "Bow Flag", or a "Teardrop Banner", may be a better choice.

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The cost of feather flags varies with the options chosen for a particular flag set. However, given the size desired and the complexity of the design/image desired, an ESTIMATE can be made as follows:

8 ft.13 ft.17 ft.


Any colors, any amount of detail from computer images
$210.00 $250.00 $280.00


Block images, custom text
$165.00 $180.00 $200.00


Often used text, such as "WELCOME" & "OPEN"
$130.00 $140.00 $180.00

Economy Stock

Often used text & logos, many choices
$90.00 $100.00 $140.00

• • • • • Please use the above prices as a guideline, an initial ballpark estimate. • • • • •

The price for a feather flag that is right for your specific need will vary. The sets estimated above are for a single-sided flag, the pole, and a ground sleeve for installation in the ground.

Other variables are:
Flag material - nylon or polyester
Single-sided (reverse image on one side) or double-sided printing (reads correctly on both sides)
The poles - aluminum, fiberglass, or a highbred
Installation - ground sleeve, cross base with water bag, and a variety of others

There are a number of options to consider.

To determine the set that's right for you CALL: 800-889-7661 for a no-hassle consultation

Cross Base

Cross Base

Ground Stake

Ground Stake

Feather Flags and Banners

By James Wittering

Feather Flags and Banners are probably my personal banner favorites and I think you'll understand why after you read on a bit further.

I know you have seen them - they are the banners that you see at sports events and festivals. They're usually made of lightweight fabric-type materials and are attached to a frame in some particular design shape...like a tear drop or sail. They are usually anchored into the ground with a metal spike and are flexible enough to wave gracefully in the breeze. They are usually very brightly colored and the graphics are vibrant in the sunlight. When there are several of them grouped together, they will get the attention of onlookers and those milling around the event.

They are constructed with polyester material, aluminum framework and a metal spike to hold it in the ground. They even come with a carrying case usually made of lightweight nylon. These feather flags and banners can be designed to meet your needs in regard to the graphics, lettering, colors and shape of the flag. The designs are digitally rendered so the possibilities are literally endless, limited only by your imagination and the expertise of the design department of the banner company you choose.

These feather flags and banners can be shaped like the sail on a ship, called a Sail Flag, or they can be designed as an Ariel flag that changes direction with the flow of the wind or the tear drop style can be produced as a multi-function flag printed to be viewed from both sides. These flags are designed to withstand wind speeds of 13 to 18 miles per hour. The fabric used is knitted polyester which makes it a stronger fabric than the woven polyester used in other applications. The multi-function feather flag is designed with a telescoping pole and an aluminum stand instead of the metal spike for anchoring to the ground.

These feather flags and banners can be created totally according to your specifications and needs. The graphic and lettering options are unlimited as are the color combinations used in the graphics and lettering. I am sure you'll find a shape or style that you can use successfully. Remember, several of these delightfully colored flags grouped together will catch the attention of anyone in the area. What will you put on your feather flag?

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