Teardrop Banners

Custom teardrop banners, custom single sided teardrop banners, custom double sided teardrop banners. All flags can be created on nylon or polyester.

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Double-sided banner

The teardrop banner is an innovative flying banner that is truly element defying. Its design ensures that the high impact branded message is always visible. There are numerous mounting options for use in any location or condition.

The best pole set we offer is a quality fiberglass graphite compositre. No one makes a better pole.

Installation options include:

Indoor stand cross base

Ground stake with bearings

CUSTOM means any colors, any shading, any image. If you can get it on a computer vector file we can reproduce it on fabric (nylon or polyester) with state of the art technology for results that are amazing.

The following table will give you an estimate for a full color banner kit. The kit includes the best banner, the best poles (with a carrying bag), and the best ground stake with bearing. These are ESTIMATES. Options, and quantity may cause the price for your set to vary. Quantities will lower the price. Quality will also lower the price. As we can produce sets with aluminum poles and a simple ground stake with no bearings. But for quality sets the prices below are a good estimate.

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Approximate Sizes: Single Sided Reverse Image: Double Sided:
4 ft.$210.00$244.00
7-8 ft.$197.00$296.00
12 ft.$236.00$361.00
14 ft.$269.00$416.00

*4ft. 'er includes indoor stand & weight bag

*No set up fee when the art work is supplied in our template in vector file format. Charges apply for all graphic art work that needs to be done by us.

Cross Base with Weight Bag

Weight Bag

Carrying Bag


You can get a stock message such as:

"OPEN", "WELCOME", "FOR RENT"... for as little as $200.00 per set! (Banner, pole, stake)

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The TEADROP BANNER has also been called the Flying banner, Flex Banner, Blade Banner, and Feather Banner. It is an innovative "element defying" outdoor banner that insures that your image is always visible, from ant viewable direction, for your target market to see, in conditions that other advertising cannot stand up to.

On a single sided reverse image flag or banner the design is acid dyed (very similiar to screen printing) on one side of the flag. In a quality shop all the colors and images bleed through to the other side and it is diffucult to tell which side is the back side. However, on that back side the design is a reversed (mirror) image of the "front" side.